Artist Koa Beam

Big Aloha! Now for a little bit about Me. Koa Beam - The Poi-Boy. Well, I'm a Graphic artist/Fantasy illustrator extraordinaire (or at least I like to think so) and some would say master of the perfect paper bar napkin rose. I've been on the outter rim of the comic book and fantasy art scene for a good number of years now, and as of late I've been building a reputation for doing kick-ass BarArt as I like to call it. BarArt just means I did it while sitting at the bar. I do my trademark BarArt at the drop of a hat with nothing more than a pencil and a sharpie most of the time. Though i have been known to break out the higher quality materials and make an evening of it at my local water'in hole. Don't let all the time at the bar fool you, I'm not much of a drinker, but if you happen to see me out and I'm doodling away stop by and say hi. Never know you may just walk away with something cool. Oh and if you happen to buy me a hard cider you'll greatly increase your chances of walking away with some art.


You can follow me on the various social media sites like twitter, Facebook and instagram @koabeam and of course here at myseldem if ever updated website. Now look around, have fun and be cool.


Nuff Said!


Koa :)